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For the second consecutive year, sales of agricultural machinery in Argentina grew by an estimated 20% according to CAFMA’s report (Argentine Chamber of Agricultural Machinery)

The entire sector made up of 1,200 companies between terminals and agro-components employs 32,000 direct people and represents around 3 billion US dollars in sales.

The approximately main annual sales are (last 3 year average):

  • Combines/Harvesters: 1,000 units

  • Tractors: 6,000 units

  • Sprayers: 800 units

  • Drills/Planters:3,000 units

  • Harvester headers:  2,000 units

  • Grain carts:  1,500 units

Likewise, the sector exports to over 25 countries, with numbers growing by 60% in 2021 compared to 2020.

Argentina has an area of ​​more than 38 million productive hectares. Agriculture is the main activity in the central and northern part of the country. 

Among the main crops, the following stand out: soybeans, corn, wheat and sunflower. There is also production of barley, cotton, rice, alfalfa, pastures, and peanuts, to name a few, as well as an annual estimated of 137 million tons of oilseed and cereals.

In the last few years yields have increased in all crops because of technology investments by farmers in the fields of fertilization and sustainable land management. 

Argentina is a pioneer in no-till farming, a system that has proven to be environmentally friendly, very efficient in cost reduction and use of agricultural supplies. 

In Argentina, the grain bag storage system was also adapted, highly technified and significantly improved to safely store grain and silage reserves. The system allows the producer to safely store grain in the field, and increase the animal load.

Cattle raising is very important in the country's economy, with a stock of 54 million head and an annual production that exceeds 3 million tons of meat.

Agricultural machinery is one of the key allies for the agricultural sector. Argentina manufactures equipment for all agricultural tasks, such as soil preparation, fertilization, sowing, spraying, harvesting and post-harvesting, standing out for its levels of efficiency in the use of fossil fuels. For cattle raising or livestock production, equipment such as mowers, conditioners, rakes, grain bagging equipment, breakers, shovels, mixers, feeders and pens, among others, are developed.

In the center of Argentina, in the provinces of Córdoba, Santa Fe and Buenos Aires, the industrial pole of agricultural machinery is concentrated, with more than 200 modern factories with many years of experience.

Equipped with the most modern technology, the agricultural machinery and agro-components industries of Argentina bear the mark of continuous improvement and the development of new solutions for each segment, both nationally and globally.

In Argentina, the main equipment users are the agricultural producers and contractors. The latter are entrepreneurs who offer their services with their own equipment visiting different farms, being responsible for 60 to 70% of the sowing, crop protection and harvest. Customers, in a successful interaction, are the ones who mark new needs that are transferred to the engineering and development departments of each factory.

The high technology applied in the production of the machinery and the proven efficiency in its use made the quality of both agro-parts and Argentine equipment recognized throughout the world. Today, more than 50 companies export its manufactured equipment to the five continents.

Thanks to the export experience, its connection with knowledge centers, research institutes such as INTA, universities, and its versatility, Argentinian industrialists have the technological and commercial capacity to adapt their equipment to other cultures, crops, needs, soils, and different standards particular to each country.

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