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The Russian Association of Specialized Machinery and Equipment (Rosspetsmash Association) is a non-profit organization that brings together companies to lobby for the interests of the domestic purpose-built engineering industry in government agencies, to promote their products in domestic and foreign markets, to support developments, share expertise of technical standards and procedural rules facilitating industry modernization and manufactured machinery and equipment quality improvement. 

The “Rosspetsmash” Association unites 219 enterprises, including entities manufacturing agricultural, construction and road machinery, components, and food engineering industry companies.

In Russia, the production of agricultural machinery has grown by 49% up to 2,2 billion dollars for the first 9 months of the year 2021. The growth rate of shipments of agricultural machinery to the domestic market of Russia during the period under review was 43% and the volume was 1,9 billion dollars.

It is a well-known fact that the production of plows has grown by 51%, to 3,110 units, harrows - by 40%, to 5,240 units, sprayers - by 36%, to 1,244 units, agricultural tractors - by 34%, to 4,259 units, grain harvesters - by 26%, to 5,494 units, seeders - by 17%, to 5,45 units.

The growth in production and shipments of Russian agricultural machinery has been observed annually since 2013.

The level of prices for agricultural products allowed farmers to invest additional funds in their machine and tractor fleets this year. In addition, the most important factors affecting the positive dynamics in the industry are effective government support measures and a constant improvement in the quality of domestic agricultural machinery, along with its high economic efficiency.

One of the fundamental programs of state support is Resolution №1432, which allows agricultural producers to purchase agricultural machinery at a discount, which is often the only opportunity for small and medium-sized agricultural businesses to upgrade their means of production.

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