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A Message from Agrievolution Secretary General – The World Continues to Change

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to review this issue of the Agrievolution Newsletter.  It goes without saying that much has changed in the world since we published the inaugural Agrievolution newsletter earlier this year. 

Agrievolution is not a political organization but an organization with a mission to promote the benefits of mechanization in global sustainable agriculture.  However, we cannot ignore the recent events in Ukraine.  It has touched the lives of many all over the world and we send our sincere sympathies to those directly impacted.  We hope for a resolution soon.

As mentioned in the previous newsletter Agrievolution provides many products and services to members of the Alliance.  Several products are data rich and provide indicators of the impacts of world events on the agricultural machinery sector. One product is the Agrievolution Barometer.  It is published twice a year in May and November.  Its objective is to provide current and future developments of the most relevant topics of the industry.  It includes:

  • General evaluation of the business
  • Order intake
  • Turnover Employment
  • Delivery times
  • Machinery stocks
  • Farmers´ mood and economic conditions
  • Others (COVID-19 impact)

A unique view of the key agricultural regions of the world is only available through Agrievolution.  To see the Barometer please visit the Agrievolution website at

Additionally, please take time to review the submissions in this newsletter by the Agrievolution Alliance members.  They provide unique insight into issues, advancements, and impacts to the agricultural machinery sector.

Agrievolution Secretary General

Charlie O’Brien

Agrievolution Alliance members include AEA, AEM, ANSEMAT, ATMAK, AXEMA, CAFMA, CAMDA, CEMA, FEDERUNACOMA, FICCI, JAMMA, KAMICO, ROSSPETSMASH, TARMAKBIR. Some issues of this newsletter may not include articles from every Alliance member.

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