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Covid-19 shook the world with a pandemic that forced all countries to take extreme measures to protect global health, with consequences that are still being experienced. In Argentina, and particularly in the agricultural field, March 13, 2020 is a date that will remain in the records of history. In San Nicolás, Buenos Aires province, the Expoagro, which is the open-air fair that traditionally opens the calendar of agricultural exhibitions every year, was being developed. As always, it means an area of ‚Äč‚Äčlaunches, consultations and business that has taken more than a year of work by companies and producers. Three days after the fair, on the night of March 12, the government announced the beginning of preventive and mandatory quarantine for everyone. And that March 13, which was going to be the culmination of a new edition of Expoagro, the fair closed its doors, resulting in a chaotic day of dismantling of stands, closure of factories, restriction of movement, etc.

Two years were necessary to return to fairs. The agricultural machinery sector was declared essential thanks to the management of the Chamber of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers, which demonstrated the importance of keeping factories open and permanent attention to all the teams that were working on the harvest and storage of cereals and regional economies. During this period, manufacturers expanded their facilities, invested in new production technology, and added employees to their plants.

In March 2022, Expoagro reopened and more than 600 companies participated with their proposals. According to data released by the organizers, the show had 100,000 visitors and business worth US$1.5 billion. Banks offered loans to finance the purchase of agricultural machinery with very convenient rates and terms, which boosted the Argentine market, mostly made up of contractors and agricultural producers.

The calendar of agricultural fairs continues with Agroactiva, which will be held from June 1 to 4 in the town of Armstrong, in its 28* edition. Located on a strategic site, Agroactiva is at the center of the production of agricultural machinery, which is concentrated in the provinces of Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Santa Fe. The plan of the exhibition already indicates that it will be larger than its predecessors and there is great expectation on the part of exhibitors and visitors.

The third important fair for the agricultural machinery sector is the Rural Exhibition of Palermo, an iconic show of livestock in the region that takes place in the heart of Buenos Aires. Within the framework of this exhibition, the CITA Award - Center for Innovation in Agricultural Technology - is carried out, rewarding those developments that mark a substantial improvement in the agricultural-livestock business. The agricultural machinery occupies an entire pavilion, and year after year it is visited by the city public who are amazed by the size and performance of the equipment.

“We started the year with high expectations regarding the participation of our machines and services in national exhibitions. Undoubtedly, live exhibitions are extremely important because customers can see and touch the equipment, and it allows us to talk with colleagues and customers, and build new bridges with visitors and exhibitors” says Eduardo Borri, president of the Chamber of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers (CAFMA). "It is the ideal framework to do business, present technological innovations and listen to the contributions of users, who are the ones who always raise demands and drive us to develop new solutions."

Ing. Eduardo Borri
President of CAFMA



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