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The Agrievolution Alliance – A Global Network important for surviving turmoil

As we have found, we truly are living in a global society.  Although we all knew this, it certainly has been magnified as we have dealt with Covid, supply chain issues, war, and resulting economic slowdowns - in many cases nearing economic recessions in many parts of the world.

Now more than ever it is important for people and organizations to work together through all these hurdles that are in front of us.  I am pleased to report that many of the members of the Agrievolution alliance do find ways to communicate and develop joint actions on issues facing the industry.  These actions are more than just providing reports and important data about the industry.  They work behind the scenes communicating on issues like sustainability, digital connectivity, environmental stewardship, and how to voluntarily discontinue using dangerous chemicals or inputs in the manufacturing process for the good of society.  Ways to address these issues globally are discussed as a group or bilaterally, all within a framework of representing equipment manufacturers worldwide. 

Agrievolution serves the agriculture community by facilitating the forming of positive relationships among individuals and organizations who have a shared goal of doing our part in safely feeding the world.  As is always the case, it boils down to people that care and want to make a positive impact on the constituents they serve and the world we all live in.   

Charlie O’Brien

Agrievolution Secretary General


The Agrievolution Alliance is the global voice of agricultural equipment manufacturers
that represents over 6000 companies around the world.


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