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Have you ever wondered what's happening with the agricultural market in other parts of the world?  Because of Agrievolution’s global reach, we have unique insight into current dynamics affecting our sector.  This newsletter provides a glimpse of the current situation.  Just a few examples include:

  • The total U.S. ag tractor unit sales are down 9% from the same period in 2022.
  • Russia reports that this year (January – August) the Domestic market grew in physical terms by 41%, Russian production of agricultural machinery and equipment - by 24%, imports increased by 63%. The high growth of imports relative to 2022 is associated with a low base for the same period in 2022. 
  • In France, the economic situation in the first half of the year was quite satisfactory. Growth forecasts have been raised to 1% for 2023.   
  • In Italy, the first eight months of the year, the Italian tractor and trailer market fell, while other types of machinery were in the black.          
  • In Japan, the agricultural machinery market will remain sluggish in 2024 due to soaring fertilizer and pesticide and other input costs.
  • In the UK many agricultural commodity prices have come down from last year’s highs, particularly for arable crops and milk.
  • Argentina suffers one of the worst droughts ever.  The result is coming off a 23% increase in tractor, combine, and sprayer sales in 2022 to a decline of 19% in the first 6 months of 2023.
  • Turkey reports that the tractor industry, which most accurately exemplifies the quantity development in the sector, closed the first half of the year with an increase of 28.8% compared to the previous year. Turkey's tractor industry, which produced 48,709 units in the first half of 2023, has largely met the high demand in the domestic market. 
  • CEMA, European Agricultural Machinery Association, publishes a position paper on how agricultural machinery manufacturers set out to describe the different options to deliver a significant reduction of agricultural equipment’s CO2 footprint.
  • DLG, German Agricultural Society, reports German and European agricultural policy in upheaval - farms planning investments according to DLG’s Agrifuture Insights August survey.

Of course, this is only the proverbial tip of the iceberg.  Please review the newsletter for details from each country.  Additionally, visit our website,, for more detailed information on countries and surveys of manufacturers outlining their perception of the market. For an even deeper dive into market data from our Alliance member countries, note that Agrievolution is holding a press conference at 9:30am on November 14 at CC Room #15 at Agritechnica.

Charlie O’Brien, Secretary General - Agrievolution

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