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General Topics

New Direction on Food, Agriculture, Rural Areas

On June 11, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries decided on a new direction for food, agriculture, and rural areas policy. The basic principles are the following four points.

  1. Establishing food security for each and every citizen
  2. Shifting to a sustainable agriculture and food industry that takes into account the environment, etc.
  3. Fostering and securing highly productive agricultural management that supports a stable supply of food
  4. Migration to rural areas/increase in related population, maintenance of local communities, and ensuring the functionality of agricultural infrastructure

In order to achieve these goals, the Basic Law on Food, Agriculture and Rural Areas will be revised.

New Minister of Agriculture

On August 14, Mr. Ichiro Miyashita (a member of the House of Representatives) was inaugurated as Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. At his inaugural press conference, he expressed his ambition to work on major reforms in agricultural policy, including revisions to the Basic Law on Food, Agriculture, and Rural Areas. He also recognized that smart agriculture is important as a technology to reduce environmental impact, in addition to addressing the shortage of agricultural workers.



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